Dear Miss, Vol. VIII

And they heard Dear Miss speak of love:

“Love is something that you do not find; it finds you.”

“Love is beautiful noise.”

“You sometimes shall have a love-hate relationship with love:
       “Love shall shed tears of joy and love shall shed tears of sorrow.
       “Love shall make you delirious, and love shall anger you.
       “Love shall grant you strength, and love shall bring you to your knees.
       “Love shall be a blessing, and love shall be a curse.
       “Love shall be shelter from the storm, and love shall be the storm.
       “Love shall blind you, and love shall guide you.
       “Love shall capture you, and love shall set you free.”

“I have heard it said that we should love our enemy. But I say to you, dear ones, that a deeper layer of love is harbored in those who are without an enemy to love.”

“To fail at marriage is not to fail at love.”

“The street walker has a heart, thus the street walker can know love.”

“Love has no price tag, yet it sometimes comes with a cost.”

“Do not simply say ‘I love you’ to a loved one; do to them love.”

“Love wears a coat of many colors.
“The love for a child is unlike the love for a spouse;
the love for a spouse is unlike the love for a parent;
the love for a parent is unlike the love for a family member;
the love for a family member is unlike the love for a dear friend;
the love for a dear friend is unlike the love for a family pet.”

“Do not tell those of few years that they are too young to know love. Love is not age discriminate.”

“How does one measure love, dear ones? Love shall measure you, for you are the instrument of measure.”

“There is only one way to recover the love you have lost—recover the love you have lost.”

“Where is true love to be seen? Observe the mother with babe in arms, for a mother’s love trumps all others.”

“As you cannot be partially pregnant, you cannot be partially in love.”

“There is only one way to love…wholly.”

Candlelight & a quill pen cover—Excerpt from Candlelight and a Quill Pen, by patti dawn swansson
First published as Lotus Life in 2007 by Rooftop Riting
copyright, patti dawn swansson


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