Toad in the Hole reflections, Volume 1: An ode to Phil the bartender

patti dawn swansson
patti dawn swansson

In celebration of the Toad In the Hole Pub & Eatery’s 25th anniversary on Oct. 3, I salute some of the characters and good times I shared at my favorite watering hole in Winnipeg’s eclectic Osborne Village…

Wet Beer Mug Stains and the Bug-Eyed Barman

The tavern
is desolate,
save for the stench of day-old sorrow,
the empties
and me
who is full.
Time to go!”
is the Bug-Eyed Barman’s
I balk
can’t leave
until I decorate
Phil’s bar
with one more
wet beer mug stain to keep the first 12 company.
That would make it 13;
a drunkard’s dozen.
Get out!” he bleats.
On the nasty street
with a dozen drunkards,
I curse Phil
the Bug-Eyed Barman
whom I tipped quite handsomely
once upon a time.


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