The angels visited me again

It was the morning of Oct. 17 and, as I began to stir from an uneven slumber, I heard a female voice above my right ear. It was soft, soothing and inviting.

patti dawn swansson
patti dawn swansson

“You can come to our side now,” she said.

Laying on my left side and my head resting on my left arm, I became motionless. Not out of fear. Out of curiosity. Whose voice had arrived at my ear? Am I no longer alone in my tiny home? I listened, hoping the mystery voice might have more to offer.

Nothing but silence.

I sat up and looked about the darkened room…not a soul in sight.

So I wondered, had I been dreaming? After pause, I concluded that, no, the voice was real. Very real. It had been an angel, visiting to say it now was safe for me to pass over to the other side. That struck me as odd, in that I never thought we were given a choice in matters of mortality. But I was grateful for the option, because the timing for me to depart the mortal coil is not quite right. At least not to my way of reasoning. Strings (a few) remain untied.

Three mornings later, I am still of a mind that I had been visited by an angel, but I also allow that it might have been a dream.

I shall sleep on it.


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