What’s to fear? Certainly not little, ol’ moi

I could tell you it’s been difficult.

There were times when I shed tears like a stripper sheds her clothing. People were mean and nasty, bullying and abusive. I’ve been stalked and held against my will. I’ve been mocked and ridiculed. I’ve been denied employment, service and lodgings. There have been other indignities, but I shall spare you the gory details.

Suffice to say, my life as a transgender female hasn’t been a picnic, and I’ve yet to determine what my tormentors feared.

The thing is, I consider myself among the lucky ones.

I’ve been blessed with a fabulous support group, too many to list. People have (mostly) been kind to me. Old friend Dave Komosky has hired me to write/edit for his numerous curling publications. Ditto Scott Taylor with his fabulous Game On hockey magazine back home in Manitoba. They saw nothing to fear.

The Manitoba Sportswriters & Sportscasters Association inducted me into their Media Roll of Honour, and Paul Friesen has told my story with care and in a respectful, light-hearted manner on the pages of the Winnipeg Sun. Both Monday Magazine and Victoria News provided me with writing work. And management at Victoria Golf Club hired me as media liaison. Nothing to fear.

I think it’s important to acknowledge them, and others, on this International Day of Transgender Visibility, rather than dwell on the sour notes.

The owners and management at Paparazzi Nightclub were godsends, as were former ownership and staff at Bart’s Pub and the current gang at the Taphouse on Yates in Victoria. I’ll say the same for the Vicious Poodle. All of them accepting and friendly. Nothing to fear.

But, hey, I’m not a scary person. I’m just trying to fit in and reap the rewards and enjoy the benefits that society makes available to all others. Many have allowed me to do that. They know who they are. And I thank them all.

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