“she said, she said”

I’ve often wondered if everything we say and/or write is an echo. That is, have ancient and 20th-century philosophers, spiritual/religious leaders, observationalists, intellects and lyricists said everything that needs to be said?
The Buddha, Jesus, Socrates, Confucius, Aristotle, Plato, Master Linji, Thich Nhat Hanh, Bob Dylan, etc….they’ve all had their say.
Leaving us with what fresh thought?
I’ve mentioned this notion of “no original thought left” to others, suggesting that everything today is a new spin on an old theme, and they fixed me with a look that suggested I wear a tin foil bonnet and an “Earth Is Flat” t-shirt.
Perhaps they’re right. Perhaps I’m off my nut.
Then again, perhaps my idea of “no original thought left” is, of itself, an original thought, which strikes me as a riddle within a riddle.
Whatever the case, the following observations/thoughts/notions are the fruits of my unfamous mind, but don’t ask where they originated. Many came to me while in slumber, others while washing the dishes, others while watching TV, others while on the Internet, and some where many do their deepest thinking—on the toilet. Frankly, it’s all a baffling mystery. Is any of it important? Naw. But, now in my 72nd year and time short, I thought I’d jot them down, and they’re included in my book “she said, she said: The Collected Observations/Thoughts/Notions of an Everyday, Unfamous Person.”
—patti dawn swansson/sierra

“Stuff happens, so life happens.”

“Losing everything means there is everything to gain.”

“Finding joy in life is not difficult; the difficulty is in finding a way to sustain it.”

“Life is bound to get messy; embrace the cleanup.”

“The mystery is not in what lies ahead of us on the road, the mystery is who we will be when we arrive at the end of the road.”

“It is a gift to die young at an old age.”

“What people think of as true greatness will escape most of us, but that does not disqualify us from accomplishing truly great things and becoming truly great people.”

“The path behind us is the ground beneath our feet today.”

“Imagination is most poignant not when we dream, but when we muse on the dreams we missed out on.”

“There is no risk in looking back; the risk is in turning back.”

“A man who walks with a stone in his shoe can never give you his undivided attention.”

“Always remember that there is a light at both ends of the tunnel.”

“There are few things in life more rewarding than the discovery of what has been there all along.”

“Dark places have a value we recognize only once the light appears.”

“Only an open mind can open a mind.”

“A most unfortunate drawback of death is that we no longer are available to defend ourselves.”

“The past is yet to come, always.”

“Putting up a wall does not always mean we have something to hide; it might mean we have something we need to protect.”

“Nothing stirs memories like music, and the older we get the more often we like to hear the music play.”

“In my humble opinion, no one has a ‘humble’ opinion, otherwise they would keep it to themselves.”

“It is impossible to turn our back on memories, for they are always behind us and always in front of us.”

“An opinion is like a birthday; everybody has one, but not everybody wants to hear about it.”

“Forming opinions is what we do while awaiting our next turn to talk.”

“When sharing an opinion, do not expect to change other minds; expect other minds to try to change yours.”

“Everything begins with thought and ends with the consequence of thought.”

“What we say is not always what we say; what we do is always what we do.”

“We often hear about priceless art and priceless heirlooms, but it is only our moments in time that truly have no price tag.”

“Simplicity is the sole refuge of the cluttered mind.”

“We create the echoes, others collect and scatter them.”

“We achieve simplicity in life when the dog in us becomes the dog in us.”

“We can make no greater mistake than to think of the sky as a ceiling.”

“Not all who slip through the cracks are lost; sometimes it is their only way to get to the light.”

“The mind is the only time-traveler, and the joy is discovering which direction it takes us.”

“Creative people do not realize they are thinking outside the box, because it would never occur to them that there is a box.”

“Once we realize what has been lost, it is found.”

“It is better to give the most of who we are than to give most of what we have.”

“Light shines from each of us and each of us has a dimmer switch that only we control.”

“Each among us is in the service of others.”

“The belief in self is not a religion but it is the ultimate show of faith.”

“The mirror does not show us what we see, it shows us what we need to see.”

“Look deeply enough and you shall see what is on the surface.”

“Birth is our beginning, knowing right from wrong is our starting point.”

“Those who turn back when they arrive at a fork in the road spend a lifetime
looking back at the fork in the road.”

“One does not mend fences with a hammer and nails.”

“No one has ever choked on food for thought.”

“Our job is not who we are, our job is to be who we are.”

“Dreams only become big if we share them.”

“Do not measure a man by his height, measure a man by how tall he stands.”

“It is better to stand behind your own words than to hide behind the words of another.”

“He who has lost everything sleeps better than he who has everything to lose.”

“Do not stop merely to smell the roses, stop also so that the roses may smell you.”

“Do not teach the children that the sky is the limit; teach the children to reach beyond, for nothing is beyond their reach.”

“The rising sun frees the captive of anger.”

“Do not resist becoming someone else; you are too late, it has already happened.”

“Believe not what you hear, believe what you have lived.”

“It is not social media that is the curse—it is the send button.”

“Why mourn in black when there was so much color in a loved one’s life?”

“Know the difference between thinking it over and over thinking it.”

“It is only when we see life as an obstacle course that we see life.”

“When the anchor in your life is also the wings in your life, you are with the right person.”

“It is sometimes wise to allow the right to remain silent to overpower the urge to speak your mind.”

“Do not look for footprints left in the sand.”

“The best question has no answer, it sends us on a search.”

“There is no aging without loss, and the losses mount as we age.”

“Pictures on a wall are only real if the wall is real.”

“None are so late as those who bring an olive branch to the graveyard.”

“If we feel something at the bottom of our shoe, do we rush out and purchase new shoes?”

“When you see you, you must also see them; when you see them, you must also see you.”

“We cannot look at the stars, the moon or the rising tide of the ocean without seeing ourselves, just as we cannot look at the garden weed without seeing ourselves.”

“Knocking down a door only matters if it opens a mind.”

“Sawing a cloud in half does not stop the rain.”

“If you have less than you had, you are more than you were.”

“Blessed are those who find what is missing before it is lost.”

“Those who are awakened sleep well at night, for they never sleep again.”

“Rainbows are not beautiful because they are so colorful, they are beautiful because they tell us another storm has passed.”

“Crying over spilled milk is a misspent emotion; there will always be more milk to spill.”

“It is often easier to reach out with a helping hand than to reach out with a hand that needs help.”

“Let the circle be unbroken; break the cycle.”

“Give it all away, but refuse to part with your laughter.”

“We cannot speak of reality until we have slept.”

“Weeping over the dead is of no benefit to the dead.”

“There is nothing so empty as a flask that is full.”

“If everything we say is everything we believe, we have cut off our ears.”

“There is no end to suffering, therefore there is no end to joy.”

“Do not go in search of suffering; it will arrive readily enough.”

“We are never above the fray, we are always part of the fray.”

“Change nothing, do something different.”

“I have not seen the seven natural wonders of the world, but it is enough to have seen the wonder that is the world.”

“Kindness, compassion and forgiveness are as three coins in your pocket; they are of no value to anyone if they remain in your pocket.”

“We must read between the lines, for the wisest of women and men leave that space so we might think for ourselves and fill in the blanks.”

“The angels who visit us during this lifetime repair our broken wings, the angel who comes to call us to our afterlife shows us how to fly again.”

“There is a difference between turning the page and closing the book. Turning the page brings us to a new chapter, closing the book brings us to a new story. Sometimes turning the page is not enough and we must close the book.”

“The greatest gift is to live until we die.”

“The treasure is in the crowded empty room.”

“Be wary of those who hear laughter in hell and see tears in heaven.”

“There is no achievement in reaching the top of the hill if we have left the bottom of the hill.”

“There is little to be learned in the learning, there is everything to be learned in the doing.”

“Do not look at aging as nearing the end of the runway, look at it as playing with house money.”

“It is never hard to tell which way the wind blows; the difficulty for many is choosing to stand against it.”

“No matter how narrow our lens, we must always seek ways to bring the big picture into focus.”

“Dance like everyone should be watching.”

“Only those who go into dark places can come out of the shadows.”

“Do not grow up, do not grow old, just grow.”

“The angel does not earn her wings in heaven, she earns her wings on earth.”

“There is less danger lurking in back-alley shadows than in the illusions of our minds.”

“The tortured write not so much that we feel their pain; the tortured write so that they might no longer feel their pain.”

“If we encourage people to think outside the box, why do we tell our children to color inside the lines?”

“Nothing strips us naked quite like writing. It is the confessional of truth and every honest word written is another piece of clothing removed.”

“When we truly take on the pain of others, does our own pain not disappear?”

“Know the difference between dreams of yesterday and dreaming of yesterday.”

“We tell lies to ourselves everywhere, except in our crowded empty room.”

“We cannot control our mind, we can only control the thoughts that enter our mind.”

“The adventurous introduce new trails, but there is no shame in following the beaten path.”

“The chicken attempting to cross the road
does not waste time wondering if she or the egg came first.”

“Intelligence is measured not in what we know, but in knowing what to do with what we know.”

“Once we have found our truth, we can share it with everyone but force it on no one.”

“We do not hear with our original ears, we do not see with our original eyes, we do not speak with our original tongue, we do not think with our original mind. Yet there is nothing more original than each of us.”

“Our shortcomings are seeds we can plant and water for personal growth.”

“We go nowhere and achieve nothing without the feet beneath our two feet.”

“All things are immeasurable, all things shall be measured.”

“No matter how short our arms, our soul and truth are always within reach.”

“Yesterday is there for us to lean on, today is here for us to lean into.”

“Once we have seen ourselves for the first time, we have seen that person for the last time.”

“Life is a two-way mirror reflecting what we see in others and what we do not see in ourselves.”

“The difference between a long journey and a short hop is no greater than the space between our ears.”

“Many people are as the horizon; we see them but we can never reach them.”

“Hope sometimes goes missing but it is never lost.”

“When looking for no one, you will find someone looking for no one.”

“The road less traveled is built of notions and dreams, not concrete, stone or dirt.”

“Who has the better view, she who looks down on the valley or she who looks up at the mountain?”

“Show me the man who believes he has all the answers and I shall show you a man who has never been married.”

“We have not truly seen the light if we do not use it to serve as a station of light for those trying to find their way.”

“It is not enough for the eyes to see the light, for the eyes can be blinded; it is the spirit and soul that must see the light.”

“Never lie to angels.”

“Walk with those who find a comfort zone in chaos.”

“Only man feels the need to justify existence.”

“We all have a story to tell, and we all have a story worth hearing.”

“To pinch oneself is not proof of existence, it must also hurt.”

“Surrender your self to no one, show your self to everyone.”

“Rebirth is the place we go to fill the holes we left behind.”

“Those who see yet do nothing shall one day see what they have not done.”

“Each of us is a shadow of our former self; some shadows grow, some shadows shrink.”

“Laughter is contagious…pass it on.”

“A smile really is magic because you can fit thousands of them on one face.”

“I do not need my dreams to come true, but I need to be a dreamer to be true.”

“By all means live and learn, but also remember to learn to live.”

“Mother Nature does not hide the beauty of her truth and nor should you.”

“Life was never meant to be one-size-fits-all; grow into your own self.”

“It is not the sound of the voice that is important, it is the weight of the words.”

“Even the turtle that lives in a hard shell has a softness; even the egg which has a soft shell can become hard-boiled.”

“Even the bird knows it cannot sit on the fence forever and flies off in one direction or another.”

“All minds are a house divided.”

“Many among us chase rainbows; some among us are the rainbow.”

“The arrival of absence is as close to the beginning as it is to the end.”

“There are none so devious as those who smile behind counterfeit tears.”

“One way to measure strength is to reveal our vulnerability, then let the storm play itself out.”

“It is not always easy to reveal the very core
of our being, but it is only then that we find our wings.”

“Life sends us around the bend on occasion so we will not get bored with the straight and narrow.”

“When we expose our hidden truth some will be quick to pounce, but many others will be just as quick to block their way.”

“The flask does not empty and fill itself.”

“Both liberation and bondage are the children of dogma.”

“The good teacher is prepared to refute his own teachings.”

“If you walk into the forest in search of your path you shall find a forest.”

“Look not to heaven to find angels, look all around you and experience angels.”

“Picking up the pieces is the easy part, putting them back together is the hard part.”

“Challenge what you have been taught, embrace what you have learned, apply what you believe.”

“When others look down on you from their lofty perch, remember that even the tallest of skyscrapers was not built from the top down; those at the bottom are forever the foundation.”

“When we see what is not there, we see.”

“Each of us has one left ear, one right ear, plus two deaf ears.”

“To fully understand the weight of another’s burden, our own backs must have heaved beneath the same burden.”

“We spend a lifetime trying to avoid failure,
yet there is no success more enjoyed than that which is born of failure.”

“When we feel broken and at wit’s end
consider the humble egg, which only becomes all that it can be once it is broken.”

“If we truly wish to see someone in a different light, changing lanterns is not the answer; we must both step out from the shadows.”

“The amount of time we spend searching
for what we do not have is equal to the amount of time we spend ignoring what we already have.”

“The eyes are not the tool of the believer.”

“Each of our lives is an illusion and we decide which portion to believe.”

“When we fear the future, we fear ourselves.”

“We cannot hide by retreating inside ourselves, for others will then study us more closely.”

“We cannot think ourselves into anger or happiness; the time for thought arrives only once anger or happiness has arrived.”

“Many are willing to hold your hand while you walk through heaven, but a true friend holds your hand when you are going through hell.”

“We can collect our thoughts, we can chew on our thoughts, we can get lost in thought, but we cannot prevent our thoughts from traveling great distances once they have become action. Be mindful of harmful thoughts.”

“There is no life until there is rain; then we get to play in the puddles.”

“Sometimes biting the hand that feeds us is the only way to get fed.”

“Everything we cannot touch is everything
that touches others.”

“Each of us looks back; such a shame if all we see are the bumps in the road.”

“A man who wastes time trying to repair a broken egg is a fool who goes hungry.”

“It is sometimes better to find what we are not looking for than to find what we are looking for.”

“We reflect upon where we have been and what we have done to confirm where we are
and what remains to be done.”

“There are none so vulnerable as those with an open heart, there are none so blessed as those with an open heart.”

“Our existence is dependent on those who are unaware of our existence.”

“Do not isolate yourself in the words of teachers like the Buddha and Jesus, for one does not learn about the rain simply by listening to the rain.”

“It is not the tree that falls from the apple.”

“Only those who watch clocks run out of time.”

“Laughter is only wrong when it is wrapped in barbed wire.”

“It is not only the rotten apple that falls from the tree.”

“Those who follow the flight path of angels
never wonder where they are going.”

“Life is its own lost-and-found department: Each of us has been lost in sorrow and each of us has found freedom in joy.”

“Those who march to the beat of their own drum have no desire to silence or drown out the beat of other drums.”

“Bad news travels at the same speed as good news and we have no control over when it arrives, but we can control how long it lingers.”

“No matter how often we walk an old path, it is a new path.”

“Those who resist change resist opportunity.”

“Do not separate the spiritual moments in life; connect them.”

“The right balance for some is living on the edge.”

“The past is regret, the future is hope, the present is what matters.”

“There is nothing worth keeping, but there is much worth holding onto.”

“Both laugh lines and frown lines are self-inflicted.”

“Even the optimist accepts that the glass must become half empty when her lips are parched; even the pessimist accepts that the glass is half full when her lips are parched.”

“The feet follow the mind and heart.”

“Growth is the arrival of a different kind of mind.”

“None among us can reach the sky with our arms and hands.”

“It is not the alphabet that fails the writer, it is the writer who fails the alphabet.”

“Excuses are as plentiful as sands on the shore, but it is not the iceberg that sails into the ship.”

“We do not listen to the music to hear the music, we listen to the music to feel the music.”

“If the wealthy man is truly wealthy, he counts the coins in the pauper’s pocket rather than his own.”

“The mule with two hind legs runs faster
than the mule with one hind leg, but that does not guarantee she will get the goods to market any sooner.”

“One’s truth is another’s fiction.”

“Not until the bully is bullied does he recognize the bully.”

“We can turn our clocks back, but we cannot turn back time.”

“Life is expecting something to happen and accepting what does not happen.”

“Walking a mile in another’s shoes teaches us just one thing—our own shoe size.”

“Turning one’s life upside down can be difficult, but walking on the ceiling is often the fresh perspective that one needs.”

“If our mind is always ahead of our feet or behind our feet, we cannot embrace, appreciate and enjoy the journey that is beneath our feet.”

“There are mysteries in life, but there is no mystery to life; we are born, we die, and in between we look for people and things that make us smile.”

“Bow to no one, bow to everyone.”

“When hope seems lost, that is when hope is found.”

“Both tongues and ears grow weary of tongues.”

“Only those who watch clocks run out of time.”

“The best leaders spend less time talking
and more time listening and doing.”

“When the mind begins to wander, the creative person wisely follows it.”

“If it is perfection in life that you seek, look no further than the imperfections of life.”

“Words are important, but remember
—all those in the animal kingdom follow a leader who does not utter a single word.”

“It is impossible to be in the moment
every moment, but every moment is an invitation to seize the moment.”

“The smart man has a high IQ, the wise man knows what to do with it.”

“If we look only for wings, we will miss the angel.”

“All doorways lead in all directions and in only one direction.”

“The prince knows nothing until he knows the pauper.”

“The devil lives in your back yard, but so do your angels and they have him surrounded.”

“Those who choose to fly solo do not dwell on getting ahead or falling behind, they are driven by discovery.”

“A forest never gets lost in the forest, therefore we cannot get lost in the forest if we acknowledge we are the forest.”

“Do not allow the changes in life to change your life, be the change that changes your life.”

“Lips that touch can never be as close as hearts that touch.”

“Everything we own is everything that gets in our way.”

“A harmless man gains strength from those who believe him to be a harmless man.”

“The drunken man never gets drunk because he is thirsty.”

“For growth to continue, we must forever dabble in curiosity.”

“Thought stops at the graveyard, but it cannot be buried.”

“Getting caught between a rock and a hard place is getting caught between pride and ego.”

“It is only when we pass our lessons on to others that we have truly learned from our mistakes.”

“No one can walk a mile in my shoes, for I have yet to walk the full mile myself.”

“What is the promise of someday soon if not the counting of chickens unhatched?”

“The dream that does not come true is not a waste, the waste is in not dreaming.”

“When the shoe does not fit, finding another foot is not the solution.”

“Getting the short end of the stick still leaves you with a stick.”

“The measure of true wisdom is not always in how much we know, it is in knowing how much we still have to learn.”

“Each of us has double vision. Our eyes allow us to see the world as it is; our mind allows us to see the world as it can be.”

“Be thankful for angels who fly too close to the ground, for it is only they who reach out and touch us.”

“The mule dressed in a robe and crown is a mule dressed in a robe and crown.”

“It is more difficult for a man with big feet to fill small shoes than for a man with small feet to fill big shoes.”

“We should not blame another for dangling a carrot in front of us when it is the same carrot we dangled in front of ourselves.”

“Those who search for the pot of gold and those who search for meaning in life seek the same thing.”

“A thimble of truth is of greater value than a bushel of promises, for the bushel of promises has no currency until it has become a thimble of truth.”

“If you do not see my flaws, then you do not see me. If all you see are my flaws, then you do not see me. Do not look past the flaws, and do not look for the flaws. Accept the flaws, for they make me one of 7 billion flawlessly flawed, perfectly imperfect people on Mother Earth.”

“Just as the butterfly and the flower find no occasion to trumpet their beauty,
the most beautiful among us recognize the beauty in others yet see it not in themselves.”

“The wealthy man’s burden is his wealth until he becomes a rich man.”

“May your life never become a table for two that seats only one.”

“Do not be afraid to make waves, if it feels right jump in.”

“Parched is the man who has turned his rain barrel upside down.”

“Even the simple-minded among us are wise enough to make time for the simplest pleasures.”

“The lie you tell is something you might easily forget, but someone else is sure to remember it for you.”

“If you wash your dirty laundry in public, it is still not clean when you hang it out to dry.”

“Talk only about that which you have experienced, otherwise ask questions and listen.”

“Fear of flying is not irrational, fear of my sexual orientation is.”

“Not all of us live a full life, but each of us can live life to the fullest.”

“When they say you made a mistake, say to them you found a better way of getting it done.”

“We often do not wish to awaken from a pleasant dream, yet that is what gives us one more opportunity to live our dreams.”

“If fear of consequence is a man’s motivation for doing the right thing, his moral compass is in need of repair.”

“Anyone can reach up and grab the low-hanging fruit. Do not settle for someone who will not climb the tree with you to savor the sweetest fruit.”

“There are no ordinary people and there are no ordinary lives; do not be shy about showing others what makes you extraordinary.”

“He who strikes another man is a ruffian, he who strikes a woman is a coward.”

“Not every journey begins with a first step, sometimes the journey begins with a great fall.”

“It is not the rose with the thorns that is flawed, it is the rose without thorns that is flawed.”

“Fear not what others say and do, fear only what you do not say and what you do not do.”

“It is not that life is too short to worry about the small stuff, it is that worrying about the small stuff might shorten our life.”

“Waking up in the morning is life’s greatest gift. Knowing that you are the reason someone else wants to wake up in the morning—and they are the reason you want to wake up in the morning—is a close second.”

“We do not know our own strength until we have the strength to let go.”

“Close our eyes and nothing disappears, close our mind and everything is gone.”

“We do not step out of our comfort zone, we step into possibility.”

“Whatever we see is up to us, whatever others see is up to us.”

“No open door can be closed but every closed door can be opened.”

“If we knew then what we know now, we would still be wishing that what we know now is what we knew then.”

“Wishes and hopes do not pay the rent, but they are the only currency of value to dreamers and romantics.”

“The wise do not use their mind as a blunt object to inflict harm, the wise use their mind to blunt those who would inflict harm.”

“Do not live as if time is running out, live as if you are running out of time.”

“Give the time of day to those who will give you the time of your life.”

“They need not know you to judge you, so why hide your true self from them?”

“Inner strength is what sets us free; the strength we draw from friends is what allows us to carry on.”

“We can wake up on the wrong side of the bed and still live on the right side of the day.”

“Each of our lives is a Broadway play. We do not always get to write the script, but we reserve the right to get rid of all the bad actors.”

“Before hitching your wagon to another man’s horse, it is wise to examine the horse. That will tell you what you need to know about the man.”

“Fantasy is reality redesigned.”

“Be of the rabble only if the rabble is of you.”

“It is not the certainties of life that make us carry on, it is the mystery of life.”

“It is sometimes wise to listen to fools, for they are wise in the ways of other fools.”

“Religion can cloud unclouded minds, yet it can also lead you out of the thickest fog.”

“Be kind to each other, for you are each other.”

“If the first thing you want is the last thing you need, reboot.”

“Those who yearn for wealth shall find it only in empty jars.”

“If the road you cut is less traveled, it is only because it is too difficult for others to follow in your footsteps.”

“There is no set truth, there is only what we believe.”

“Wisdom does not equal age and age does not equal wisdom.”

“Walking on water is useful only if there is a hole in the boat.”

“The best thing about visiting the past is that it allows us to recognize our angels.”

“Spreading our wings only takes us so far, at some point we must also flap them.”

“It is better to set out on our own and discover where we belong rather than have someone tell us where we are supposed to fit in.”

“We immediately recognize the anger in the sea and sky, yet too often we are blind to the storm that rages within.”

“There is nothing in life worth stealing, for all that is of value cannot be taken from you.”

“Which is worse, being afraid to die or being afraid to live?”

“Until you invite your enemy to break your bread and share your wine, you live in chains.”

“It is not the rope around his neck that the condemned man fears, it is the springing of the trap door.”

“We might not need someone to catch us when we fall, but it is nice to have someone to help us get back on our feet.”

“If life is driving you around the bend, it might be leading you in the right direction.”

“Walk among those who seek the richness in life rather than those who seek the riches of commerce.”

“The man whose quiver is full of poisoned arrows is less of a danger than the man whose tongue is tipped with poisonous words.”

“Life is its own escape route.”

“It is not the water that puts out the fire.”

“The tragedy is not that the good die young, the tragedy is if we allow the good they did to die with them.”

“Many of us wonder why we are here. The wonder is not why we are here, the wonder is the joy, the beauty and the blessing of simply being here.”

“When we feel stuck in sand, awaiting the rising waters will not float our boat. Our everyday challenge is to find our way to the water.”

“Some of us are meant to fly solo, not because we are misfits but because we are destined to brave new heights while others feel safer on the ground.”

“Discovering yourself is the interesting part, accepting yourself is the hard part, revealing yourself is the frightening part that goes bump in the night.”

“If life keeps falling off the rails it is best to start listening to the voice you never listen to.”

“It is not only the dead ant that has felt the weight of the boot, it is also
those among us who dare to be different.”

“Do not seek opportunity in life; life is the opportunity.”

“Live for the benefit of others and your own field shall be tilled.”

“Your wish is not my command, but it is my wish.”

“Is not even the burning bridge a source of light?”

“All the world does not have to be a stage and us the actors in it. Be real.”

“We can never overstay our welcome in heaven, but it sometimes feels like we spend too much time in hell.”

“When someone says you act like an animal, thank them, for animals are beautiful creatures.”

“If no one had ever wondered what was inside an egg, breakfast would not be the same. Be curious, wonder why, ask questions.”

“The mind must travel many miles farther than the feet.”

“Success cannot be truly enjoyed if it cannot be shared.”

“There are no blind eyes or deaf ears, there are only people who refuse to see or listen.”

“Learn from those who see farther than they speak.”

“If we look at life as a race against time, we shall have no time to truly look at life.”

“Bad days should make us stronger, good days should make us joyful, another day should make us grateful.”

“There is no greater example of the limitless possibilities in life than a child with a box of crayons.”

“Glory days do not rust and die, they take on a new life in the telling of tales that grow taller with time.”

“How old must one be to know who one is?”

“If a lesson taught is nothing but the recitation of dogma, it is as the bottom of the outhouse—nothing but waste.”

“It is wise to remember that she who grows the roses also grows the thorns, and she who gathers the roses also gathers the thorns.”

“There are those who reach the mountain top and never tire of looking down on others; special are those among us who arrive at the top of the mountain and still seek others that they can look up to.”

“The trouble with reaching the mountain peak is that you have nowhere to go but down. So, on your climb to the top, consider that there are only three ways to come down and two of them are unpleasant—you fall or you are pushed. Only she who is kind to those she meets on the way up enjoys the walk down.”

“The unattainable is always sexier than the attainable.”

“Only those who embrace difference can make a difference.”

“Only a mother knows that the nest is never empty.”

“Until your voice is heard, there is nothing to you but skin and bone.”

“Time follows no dicates, so why must we follow the dictates of time?”

“Words of praise matter, words of hurt matter; may there always be more sugar than salt on your tongue and in your ears.”

“We can learn from others, but do not copy them; always remember you are an original.”

“Life can be so confusing. The voice in our head says do not listen to our heart and the feeling in our gut tells us to ignore the voice in our head.”

“When the enemy is at the gate, so is the enemy.”

“Turn a blind eye to an injustice and others shall then see you with eyes wide open.”

“All roads lead to temptation, but they all have an off-ramp.”

“A partner is like a pair of shoes; you want the right fit, not just a good fit.”

“To look for something in others is to look for something in yourself.”

“A dictionary defines words, life gives meaning to words.”

“Blessed are those who are lost, for it is only they who can find their way back.”

“He who has rocks in his head shall never dislodge the pebble from his shoe.”

“The smartest person in the room is she who knows she is not the smartest person in the room.”

“We have won the race once the laughter has caught up to the tears.”

“When they tell you who you cannot be, show them who you are.”

“There is no greater comfort in life than hearing the right words.”

“Judge and be judged, judge not and we still shall be judged.”

“The dog’s bark is often worse than its bite; man’s bite is too often worse than his bark.”

“Looking through a window allows us to see that which is possible, but it is only by walking through a door that we can live that which is possible.”

“We can never go to the well once too often. Go to the well often and draw from it that which it draws from you, for it is only those who go to the well often who prevent it from going dry.”

“Be brave enough to hold on, be brave enough to let go.”

“Full potential is a phantom we see in others but not always in our own mirror.”

“We always realize that silence was the better option when it is too late for silence.”

“The past does not tell us where we have been, it tells us where we are.”

“The educated give opinion based on knowledge, the uneducated just give opinion.”

“Counting the number of tomorrows we have left is like guessing how many cups of water it takes to fill the oceans.”

“The apple that falls farthest from the tree is not a bad apple, it just has a mind of its own.”

“Retracing our steps does not take us back to the beginning or give us a fresh start, but it can remind us how we found our way.”

“Your limit is the dreamer’s starting point.”

“Avoid perfection at all costs, for it signals the end of growth.”

“The hand that lets go is no less loving than the hand that holds on.”

“Fear not your thoughts, fear that fear is your only thought.”

“Our dreams do not die with us, they hitch a ride with a like soul.”

“Do people break promises or do they make promises that life cannot deliver?”

“She who sees a problem sees a struggle, she who sees a challenge sees success.”

“First impressions are often telling, but it is wise to leave room for a second glance.”

“Saying hello to a stranger is a risk only to the stranger, but who is the stranger when we say hello to a stranger?”

“Every goodbye gives rise to hello, every hello gives rise to possibility.”

“If you talk down to others, no one can look up to you.”

“Have no fear of the unknown unless the unknown is in your mirror.”

“How many of us are actually where we are?”

“Many of us wear a mask, but too many of us hide behind the mask.”

“Waste not a thought for those who look down on you, for heaven also looks down on you.”

“Kissing a frog is not a bad thing, expecting him to turn into a prince is the mistake.”

“Those who acknowledge birth acknowledge death, and they are as mistaken as those who accept birth as death.”

“Life’s irony: In the years of our weaning we seek the pleasures of fullness
and in the fullness of our years we seek the pleasures of our weaning.”

“Even misinformation is information.”

“Those who bite their lip or swallow their tongue still speak with their deeds.”

“He who places obstacles in your path places obstacles in his own path.”

“We lack understanding only because we will not take the time to understand.”

“Neither the garden flower nor the wild flower chase after the rain and sun.”

“A lifetime of experiences is a gift, to experience a single lifetime is a miracle.”

“Clothing covers the body, yet our words and actions strip us naked.”

“When it stops being about you and it becomes about the children, you are a child again.”

“Do you believe in the storm or the rainbow? Answer quickly! Before the storm arrives!”

“We must get over ourself before we can get to our self.”

“None of us is here for a long time, but each of us is here long enough to make a difference.”

“Not all trees grow straight. What a shame if those that are not straight were kept in a closet.”

“He who has gone from rags to riches is of no greater wealth of soul and spirit if he has forgotten that his rags once were his riches.”

“I only allow my imagination to run wild when I am awake or asleep. That leaves me no time to consider boundaries or limitations.”

“If it is true that we are judged by the company we keep, I would rather keep company with dogs and scoundrels than be seen in the company of those who would judge me by the company I keep.”

“Do not resist the question, resist the answer.”

“Nasty makes a louder noise than nice, but nice makes a louder statement than nasty.”

“Those who see only differences and those who see only similarities use the same set of eyes.”

“The turn that takes us off our path is the same turn that can put us back on our path.”

“Driving a sledge hammer into a wall does not kill the house, the house only dies when it is no longer a home.”

“It is only once we wade into the river that is too deep that we realize the river is not too deep.”

“Each life story can be written on the head of a pin, yet there is not enough space in the entirety of the universe to contain each of the volumes of our life story.”

“The wet blanket provides no warmth.”

“Every moment in life is a point of no return.”

“Being tough as nails means you cannot come unglued, but you can still fall apart.”

“The young do not have the answers, but it is worse if they do not have the questions.”

“Going to the past should require a travel advisory.”

“Treating yourself is not always a luxury, sometimes it is a necessity.”

“Most of what we say and do shall be forgotten, it is what we do not say or do that might be remembered.”

“If you believe yourself to be a better person than someone else, imagine how much better a person you would be if you did not believe yourself to be a better person.”

“A great fall is not a catastrophe, it is an opportunity.”

“I have not lost my memory, I have let go of my attachment.”

“Burning your candle at both ends is not a bad thing if it means your light shines on more lives.”

“It is only once we stop looking at the things we do not have that we truly see the things that we do have.”

“Age is wasted on the elderly if they do not have the wisdom to share. Youth is wasted on the young if they do not have the wisdom to listen. Nothing is wasted if there are two schools of awakened thought.”

“Few things in life are more cringe-worthy or challenging than sliding one’s feet into a pair of rental bowling shoes that have already accommodated one thousand sweating, stinky feet, yet no one has ever died from bowling shoes. Do not sweat the small stuff.”

“All that is behind us is ahead of us.”

“It is better to leave a question unanswered than to leave a question unasked.”

“It is best to lose your footing at the bottom of the hill than at the top of the mountain.”

“When the mind is at peace, that is the time to give someone a piece of your mind.”

“The danger in life is not in time passing you by, the danger in life is in letting time slip away.”

“Speak softly, for the loudest word spoken is no louder than the grass that grows in the summer meadow.”

“Each of us was born again this morning. I cannot think of a better way to start the rest of my life.”

“Do not look in the mirror and ask, ‘When did I get this old?’ Look in the mirror and say, ‘I wonder what it’s like to be old.’”

“None are so naked as those caught in a lie.”

“Not knowing is never better than knowing, no matter how hard the lesson.”

“We cannot smile non-stop, but if we end our day with a smile we begin our next day with a smile.”

“The broad-minded can navigate the narrowest of roads, the narrow-minded get lost when the road broadens.”

“When we feel the need to make a change, we must ask ourselves if it is the change we need.”

“Each time we lay our head on the pillow and shut our eyes at night, is that not a leap of faith?”

“Whoever coined the phrase ‘sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me’ never talked to a gay or transgender kid.”

“When the storm clouds clap, look not for escape routes but for signposts.”

“Light shows us the obvious, shadows show us the truth.”

“Half measures are for cooks and chefs, full measure is what we hope to get out of life.”

“Forgiveness is possible if the dog you kicked as a child remains on the toe of your boot as a man.”

“The dawning of knowledge is not as the thirsty man drinks but as the giant tortoise walks.”

“The most important thing to remember about the past is that you are no longer there.”

“The use of the mind as a weapon of destruction rather than an instrument of peace is the most regrettable of human failings.”

“Age is a number, to age is a journey.”

“She who reads what is written learns, she who reads between the lines grows.”

“Fear not death, for what is death if not the missing piece to the puzzle of life?”

“Imagine if there was nothing left to imagine.”

“Not every life is an open book, but I find those who share themselves are the best page-turners.”

“I take comfort in the knowledge that even the rose has thorns, for it allows me to feel better about myself.”

“Our crowded streets and trolleys are not filled with people, they are filled with angst.”

“We admire and value the painting on canvas and the script on parchment, yet there is naught so captivating as the empty space.”

“When the worst day of your life becomes the best day of your life you have tamed the crouching tiger that is your past.”

“If all you do is peel the skin from the onion, eventually you are left with a hand full of nothing and you have not enjoyed the onion.”

“Follow the man who has his cake and eats it too, for he shall always leave crumbs.”

“Those who see only the pretty colors have yet to see the rainbow.”

“The pauper is a rich man when the rich man is a pauper.”

“The dead tell no lies about the living, the living tell lies about the dead.”

“It is in the empty spaces of life that we discover our purpose.”

“Those who have one foot out the door must remember they still have one foot in the door.”

“Memories are scattered pieces of old dreams that can hold us back or push us forward.”

“Do not measure life by how much rain has fallen, measure life by how well you danced in the rain.”

“He who sees only the worst in others can never see the best in himself.”

“If you find it lonely at the top, consider the number of people you stepped on during your climb.”

“There is no silent majority, for if the majority stand silent their voice is in the minority.”

“Going out on a limb is not always about taking a risk. Sometimes it is about climbing the tree. Enjoy life.”

“There is a reason we have two shoulders—one shoulder is to carry our personal load, the other shoulder is for others to lean on.”

“Never tell the child that she will amount to nothing. There is no such thing as nothing. Even in an empty box or an empty bowl there is something. Every child is a great someone and she carries within her the gift of a great something. That is what the children need to hear.”

“Every person we meet is a potential doorway.”

“You can only fill another’s shoes if you can fit into their head.”

“Life is a coloring book and our dreams are the crayons.”

“The eyes see what Mother Earth reveals, the heart and soul hear what Mother Earth is saying.”

“Life is not about dreaming the impossible, it is about bringing the impossible dream to life.”

“It is not enough to learn from our mistakes, for our mistakes have taught us nothing if we do not pass the lessons learned to others.”

“If we answer every time opportunity knocks we will never stop chasing; if we do not answer when opportunity knocks, we will never stop wondering.”

“Relax. The sky is always falling, but it has never landed on anyone.”

“Writing something down does not make one a writer unless it is a painful joy.”

“The things we miss in life cannot be missed in death, so what is there to fear?”

“Always remember, no matter what they say about you, they only talk about you because you are worth talking about.”

“The pen is mightier than the sword not because of the pain it inflicts on others but because of the pain it removes in the writing.”

“If you trumpet yourself superior to others because you have left them far behind, ask yourself this: Have the others fallen behind or are they keeping their distance?”

“To be young and foolish again sounds romantic and exciting, but why wish to reclaim your youth when there is none so young as an old fool?”

“Do not mirror what you see in the mirror, be better than that.”

“The dreamer does not wear the clothes she sees in the mirror.”

“Those who wish to be heard do not shout in a crowded room.”

“There is nothing to be gained in the dying if nothing was gained in the living.”

“If they say to you your words do not matter, repeat to them their own words.”

“It is better to lose all that we own rather than all that we cherish.”

“A large footprint does not always mean a big man has passed by.”

“Beware the man who kneels on Sunday morning and kicks a dog at night.”

“Everything about you is worth getting to know, even if you believe not everything about you is worth knowing.”

“If you read only between the lines you might miss the writing on the wall.”

“The blank page does not exist, for she with a creative mind and vibrant imagination already sees what will be on the page.”

“Running at the head of the herd does not make one a leader. The leader might be she who follows the herd, urging the others to run faster and be stronger.”

“It is not the farmer who makes a mountain out of a mole hill, it is the mole hill that gives the farmer a mountain to climb.”

“It is good to have mountains to climb, but it is not necessary to climb every mountain. There are times when going around the mountain is the wisest route to take.”

“It is a peculiarity of the human species that we spend more time trying to fix the imperfections of the body rather than the impurities of the soul.”

“If you fear what you see in the mirror, imagine how others feel.”

“Life is seldom as we would like it to be, yet there is always something to like about life.”

“Imagining a handful of straw to be a handful of roses does not make it so, but it does make all things possible.”

“Those who have never been invited to join a think tank have no choice but to think outside the tank.”

“The pessimist moans and asks, ‘Why me?’ The optimist smiles and asks, ‘Why not me?’ and goes for the gusto.”

“If you believe you can see right through someone, you are not looking closely enough.”

“Top of the world, bottom of the heap…we learn just as much about people in both places.”

“Never blame the mirror if you do not like what you see.”

“It is not the bait that catches the fish, it is hunger or greed.”

“It is the ink well, not the pen, that is poisoned.”

“No one hears words spoken over the grave if those words were not spoken before the grave.”

“You can never get too much of a good thing, but you can let a good thing get too much of you.”

“I would rather chase a dream than strive for perfection, for the dream is attainable and perfection is delusional.”

“Standing in the valley looking up at the mountain peak, I see where I can go; standing on the mountain peak looking down on the valley, I see where I need to be.”

“Do not allow the false thank yous of yesterday to swallow the truths of today.”

“Try to make the footprint you leave larger than the size of your shoe.”

“Those who move minds are stronger than those who move mountains.”

“Why do you speak with your mouth? Did Gandhi not speak with his feet?”

“Only by swallowing two of your faces do you begin to see you.”

“The truth that hurts is the hurt that heals.”

“Life comes with a script but we do not get to read it in advance.”

“Belief is based on need, and since we all have needs we have the need to believe.”

“The newborn dreams, but about what? She has no this-life experience, thus she must dream about her past-life experience.”

“We cannot curse the thunder the lightning and the rain if we praise the rainbow.”

“The rich, the poor the strong, the weak the fast, the slow the furious, the joyful the Black, the white the straight, the gay the female, the male…we all start and finish in the same place.”

“The secret to a rewarding life is for our resistance to outduel our temptation.”

“The realist recognizes limitations, the dreamer is not limited by reality.”

“There are many places in life where we can hide, but there are just as many places where we can be found.”

“It is not what we do not know about others that should worry us, it is what we do not know about ourselves.”

“No one ever gets lost in their thoughts, for it is only in our thoughts that we discover our dreams.”

“They are wrong when they tell you there is no time like the present; there is no time but the present.”

“The wisest among us cannot answer all of the questions, but they are the wisest among us because they question all of the answers.”

“Grace and kindness is the ultimate power.”

“Living alone has its benefits, being alone is not one of them.”

“I don’t need to have the last laugh, I just want to laugh until the last.”

“Storms can teach us lessons about ourselves, but it is our calm in chaos that shows others what we are made of.”

“Bully me once and I shall turn the other cheek, bully me twice and I have run out of cheeks to turn.”

“Thoughts are like so many balloons forever floating in the sky; the joy is not in holding onto them, the joy is in sharing them.”

“The world is not against you and it is not out to get you. The reality of life is that we do not always get what we want but we usually get what’s coming to us.”

“Kings and queens earn the highest admiration and respect when clothed in the robes of the rabble.”

“Be thankful for your problems, for they are the best evidence that you are still alive.”

“The intelligent believe they are too smart to be fooled by the naive; how naive of them.”

“When you cannot see the forest for the trees, step back and allow the forest to see you.”

“Those who take the low road take twice as long to get where they are going because they are too busy trying to push others into the ditch.”

“Nothing will bring us into the present moment more than a hug. We cannot hug a dear one yesterday, we cannot hug a dear one tomorrow, we can only hug a dear one today.”

“A road is not the way, the way is to find a road.”

“It is not the intentions that are good or evil, all good and evil is in the doing.”

“She with the brightest smile has known the darkest days.”

“We see dozens of sunrises every day…they are called smiles.”

“Each of us is a work in progress and we only make progress when we work from the inside out.”

“When we pick someone up off the ground, we know how strong we need to be; when we pick ourselves up off the ground, we know how strong we can be.”

“Do not lord yourself over your neighbor
because you have broken fewer commandments than him, for if they are not his commandments he has broken nothing.”

“Leave behind the one who rejects the one who replaced the one you left behind.”

“No question has been answered unless it has led to another question.”

“To question your faith is not to question your unfaith, it is to strengthen your faith.”

“The end of questioning is the end of growth.”

“Scraping the callouses off a man’s hands does nothing to soften his heart.”

“Were the sun forever in shine, the writers of songs would not know to tell us of the moon and stars.”

“Show me someone who believes rules are meant to be broken and I shall show you someone who is wiping away a tear.”

“I would rather have others laugh at my dreams and wild schemes than have no dreams and wild schemes for others to laugh at.”

“Value the lesson only if there is value in the lesson.”

“The long and short of life is that it is too short for us to be longing.”

“If you are the missing piece of the puzzle, then you are not a piece of the puzzle.”

“Make no judgement, for he who hides in the shadows might simply be cooling in the shade.”

“Rely on what is behind your eyes, correct what is in your eyes, have faith in what is ahead of your eyes.”

“Be wary of he whose tongue flaps only in the direction of the wind, for he will not be standing at your side when the angry wind blows in your face.”

“We are given the option of being ourselves or being imposters; be as the dandelion that does not have the beauty or the fragrance of the rose yet has no desire to be the rose.”

“You do not choose the first garment on the rack; why believe the first voice you hear?”

“I would rather explore possibility than arrive at conclusions.”

“The follower only follows if she cannot fit into her own moccasins.”

“Those with nothing to say never seem to be at a loss for words.”

“The drunken man never gets drunk because he is thirsty.”

“It is best to deal with the elephant in the room before you have an entire circus on your hands.”

“Do not look for someone who makes you feel weak in the knees, look for someone who makes you want to get up and dance.”

“If you wish to sing in the choir, you cannot pour a glass of sawdust down your throat.”

“If you do not like the rain, walk in it with someone you love.”

“A society that tells you who you cannot love is not a society at all.”

“Guessing the depth of the rabbit hole is like measuring the wisdom of a wise man.”

“When change is in the air, do not change the air.”

“Do not compare your misfortune to that of another, for the snowflake can weigh as much as the anvil.”

“There are one thousand right ways, there are one thousand wrong ways, there is only one right way, there is only one wrong way.”

“Put a blindfold on a blind man and he still has vision, he still has focus, he still sees all that he sees; put a blindfold on a sighted man and he might see how blind he has been.”

“Variety is the spice of life but true self should be the main ingredient.”

“We do not choose to be different, we are born to be different.”

“Allowing the same dog to bite you twice would say more about you than the dog.”

“Be wary of what you think you see. If the chef is fat, it does not mean he eats his own cooking.”

“He who leaves a trail of bread crumbs cannot find his way back home if the black birds are hungry.”

“The child observes the adult and parrots him; should not the adult observe the child and parrot her?”

“The blind man sees not skin color, race, religion, status, wealth or sexual orientation. Only the blind man sees such

“Seek knowledge from those whose fullness in years reaches beyond the ripeness of summer’s fruit, but also listen closely to those whose years
are but seedlings.”

“All those who lead once followed.”

“If you do not like old school, build a new school.”

“Those who are afraid to fall will never know what it is to stand.”

“It is not the dreamer who needs a reality check, it is those who do not dream.”

“Difference can only frighten us if that which is different is all that we see.”

“The sole language barrier in life is the wagging of the false tongue.”

“The time to think about your next step is when your next step is under your feet.”

“On those difficult days when it is hard to smile, think of the last person who made you smile.”

“Conversation leads to awareness, awareness leads to understanding,
understanding leads to right change.”

“The mind controls both the heart and soul until the heart and soul control the mind.”

“It is man, not the wolf, who howls at the moon for no apparent reason except to hear himself howl.”

“Rejection is the mother of redirection; move on to where you are needed and need be.”

“The thorns on the rose are not meant to prick our fingers, they are meant to remind us of our own flaws that can cause others pain.”

“There is no difference between the good heart and the good soul; the good heart stops but does not die, the good soul has no beginning and knows no end.”

“Angels do not always catch us when we fall, for they know that it is sometimes necessary to let us hit rock bottom before they pick us up and lead us down a different path.”

“What do coins in a fountain wish for?”

“Listen to all, do not hear all.”

“The broken mirror does not always reveal a broken person.”

“When we cover our face, we have covered nothing.”

“A successful relationship is dependent on proper waste management.”

“Only the bankrupt choose to profit by the wages of sin.”

“None among us can outrun the past, but the wise leave it behind.”

“The right choice is to make the choice, the wrong choice is to let someone else make the choice for you.”

“All action, good or bad, is the product of thought, and all thought is the product of influence, good or bad. Who is your influence?”

“Close books but never stop turning pages.”

“Death does not snuff out the light, death is the moment our light shines brightest.”

“Is the altar inside the church or is the church inside the altar?”

“The waters that flow under the bridge are less turbulent than the waters that flow above the bridge.”

“There is none so foolish as the man who still pulls at pigtails believing it will get him the girl.”

“There has never been a greater scapegoat in life than God, but to blame God for our misfortunes is to blame the church mouse for the tree that falls in the forest.”

“A good man understands that he will never understand a woman, but he listens anyway because who doesn’t love a great mystery?”

“There is no learning curve, there is life.”

“The only death worse than death is the heart that flatlines before death.”

“When we look over our shoulder, our past is already looking over its shoulder at us.”

“If the road seems never ending you have found the right road.”

“Nothing ends in heartbreak unless it begins with a heart that can be broken.”

“Some people hide the truth, others hide from the truth, but the truth always finds a way to be found.”

“Place the halo with care, for they are not one-size-fits-all and they sometimes fall off.”

“Allow the voice only you can hear to silence the loud shouting of braggarts on rooftops.”

“Sometimes it is okay for life to be all about you.”

“Those who plant a seed then stand back to watch it grow have planted nothing.”

“No rainbow can be broken and every person who is broken can become a rainbow.”

“It is true that we cannot wade into the same river twice, but why would we want to?”

“In the time it takes to explain why you do not accept someone, someone has accepted you in no time.”

“The measure of life is not what we take with us or what we leave behind, the measure of life is what we say and do while we are here.”

“Place a braying jackass in a room full of people and it shall attract more attention than the greatest of men, and the jackass has said nothing.”

“Choose words as fragrant as the flowers of the meadow.”

“No man can stop a strong head wind, and no head wind should stop a strong man.”

“What we call yesterday, we should call tomorrow.”

“The lamb that does not run from the wolf runs no longer.”

“The wolf that does not chase the lamb is no less a wolf.”

“Once we touch our heart, we shall realize that it is impossible to empty our vessel.”

“If we have the capacity for forgiveness, we have the capacity for great love.”

“Sometimes the best thing to know is knowing what we do not know.”

“Is it the friend who identifies the enemy, or is it the enemy who identifies the friend?”

“Remember nothing you have been taught, remember all that you have learned.”

“To possess a special talent is a gift, to hide it is a shame, to share it is a blessing.”

“The skeptic nibbles at dogma, the gullible swallows dogma whole, the wise studies the menu.”

“Poems in rhyme have limits and borders; poems without rhyme take us where we never expected to be.”

“Rejecting someone because she is gay is rejecting someone because she is breathing.”

“The most important thing a mother can do is raise a strong woman or a son who respects strong women.”

“Our food banks feed the belly of the needy; our temples feed the belly of the needy; our halls of learning feed the belly of the needy; the cupboard is not bare.”

“Man is the inspiration of man.”

“Those who chase are always behind.”

“Silence is the loud noise that fails to silence the loud noise.”

“A broken church bell does not break the church.”

“Each of us has something to hide and none more so than the naked.”

“If we all marched to our own drum, the orchestra would never be heard.”

“The man who thinks he knows the ways of women will never know women.”

“When we think we know what kind of world we live in, one day ends and another begins.”

“Do not measure the chores of men against the labors of women, for as the field is tilled so is the child.”

“No mole hill has ever become a mountain except in the mind of man.”

“If we wait for the sun to shine, we miss all that makes the sun shine.”

“There is a reason forbidden fruit hangs from the lowest branches.”

“Nightly dreams are confirmation of our realness.”

“Birth and death are life’s bookends; what happens in between is the story.”

“Emptiness is the void in our lives that we try to fill with more emptiness.”

“Listen without judgement, do not judge without listening.”

“Expectation does not always match reality, but reality often exceeds expectation.”

“The mistake is to believe the beginning is the beginning and the end is the end.”

“As the flame is the candle, we cannot choose to be one and not the other.”

“None among us holds in our right hand what we hold in our left hand.”

“Today is yesterday is tomorrow.”

“Do not question your existence, question existence.”

“Walk with those who find a comfort zone
in chaos.”

“When we struggle to find middle ground, moving the ground is not the answer.”

“Each of us is an echo, so say and do only that which is worth repeating.”

“When we look at the glass as half full or half empty, the glass is staring back at us.”

“Wrong-doing breeds guilt, guilt breeds regret, regret breeds forgiveness.”

“There is no greater kick in the pants in life than the realization that we are living on borrowed time.”

“It is often more revealing to know who is not with the crowd than to know who is with the crowd.”

“The wealthy man counts his coins, the rich man counts his blessings.”

“One cannot tame the wild pony until one recognizes the pony is wild.”

“The only way to stop the sky from falling is to reach for it first.”

“It is sometimes more difficult to forgive ourselves than to forgive those who ask for our forgiveness.”

“Gods are dangerous not because they have power, but because many of us grant them the power they should not have.”

“It is not how many doors we open in life, it is how many doors we are willing to walk through.”

“Even for the wisest among us, that which we do not know shall always outweigh that which we do know. Learn. Then teach. Then learn from those you have taught.”

“At what age is life half full?”

“Eyes smile, all else pretends.”

“We cannot talk of reality until we have slept.”

“We must not wait until the final moments to determine who we are not.”

“One of the most frightening things in life is to recognize who and where we are.”

“Do not condemn the man who speaks only of himself; it is perhaps his sole area of expertise.”

“We can only accept ourselves if we know who we are accepting; we can only reject ourselves if we know who we are rejecting.”

“The size of the footprint we leave is ultimately up to us, even if it is a footprint within a footprint. And since there is no footprint that is not within a footprint, the largest footprint is the smallest footprint.”

“To do nothing is often to do something.”

“If the anger you harbor today is the anger you felt as a 12-year-old child, you are still that 12-year-old child.”

“It is not the crown that makes one a king, but it might be the crown that makes one a fool.”

“When the child closes her eyes she sees what can be, when the adult closes his eyes he sees what might have been.”

“Taking a leap of faith comes with risk and reward, not jumping at the chance comes with regret.”

“Show patience with those who speak only of themselves; either there is a great need to become unburdened or it is their sole area of expertise.”

“Try to remember that when a dear one passes on, it shall not be long before each memory of her brings a smile to your face instead of a tear to your eye.”

“We are not born with baggage.”

“Truth is on trial when lips quiver.”

“Joy is the offspring of suffering.”

“The angel of the morning does not abandon us at night.”

“Reach out and attempt to grasp a handful of time; you will have better luck trying to grasp a tuft of wind.”

“When you believe you have achieved
something noteworthy on your own,
turn your head in all directions.”

“When we turn over every stone, we sometimes find what we are looking for, other times we must be satisfied with a plowed field.”

“When we say ‘It is what it is,’ it is not a sign of surrender, so do not dwell
on that thought. It simply means we have processed, we have accepted, and we are prepared to move on to a fresh challenge.”

“Touching the body brings pleasure, touching the heart is pleasure.”

“When you are lost, do not wait for someone to find you; find out why you are lost.”

“Freedom is lost on those who see the sky and look for ways to fence it in.”

“When there is only one thing on your mind, there is only one thing holding you back—your mind.”

“When we drink the portion of the glass that is half full, we also drink the portion of the glass that is half empty.”

“She who goes to the drinking well and finds it dry does not leave with an empty bucket.”

“Learn not only from the masters of thought and speech but also from nature, for it is the mighty oak that teaches us to stand our ground when the harshest of winds blow.”

“Waiting for wings gets us nowhere.”

“First impressions have two sets of eyes.”

“Everyday problems do not recognize the day.”

“Dying thoughts are living thoughts, and dying wishes are living wishes.”

“You cannot lose the plot if the pen is in your hand.”

“Be mindful of the message you echo, for hand-me-down words are as hand-me-down garments—some fit, some do not fit.”

“If life was a straight, flat line, we would be spared all the ups and downs, but we would then spend our lifetime looking for hills to climb.”

“There are many among us who believe themselves to be the smartest person in any room. Yet the argument is lost when what we think we know outstrips what we actually know.”

“If the choice is between book smart and street wise, listen to the lessons of the feet.”

“The meaning of life is not the mystery, the mystery is the meaning of the moment.”

“Laugh and add a wrinkle, worry about that wrinkle and add two more.”

“Our air quality is always better when it is filled with song and laughter.”

“Only the insecure believe they have something to prove, the rest go their own way.”

“Of all the hells in life, none are so crippling as the dark secret we do not share.”

“The young seldom think of death, thus they live; the aging often think of death, thus they forget to live.”

“We are not lost if we visit the past, we are not lost if we visit the future, we are only lost if we fail to return to the moment.”

“There are multiple voices within…
the distant voice
the now voice,
the wrong voice
the right voice,
the angry voice
the soothing voice,
the voice we ignore
the voice we hear.
Do not listen
with your ears.”

“To stretch the truth is to shrink yourself.”

“Do not look inside your mouth to discover your voice.”

“Carrying a bag of sugar does not make one sweet.”

“We cannot live forever, so more is the pity if we fail to live for now.”

“No child is born a bigot or a racist, but the trap is set.”

“Step softly around the sound of a woman’s silence and you shall hear everything that is being spoken.”

“Fads and fashion come and go, but the one thing that never grows old or goes out of style is your smile.”

“Women and men do not understand each other because they use a different scoring system. For a man, it is all about earning brownie points, for a woman it is all about trying to get her point across.”

“The only place to be is nowhere else.”

“Life is not a scripted play, it is the ultimate in improv.”

“The mind is the only thing in life that has no boundaries.”

“Our first breath is not confirmation of existence, our first thought is.”

“If we do not put up walls, there is nothing for others to knock down.”

“We must be mindful of the water we drink, for it might become the water we drown in.”

“We are born numerous times in one lifetime, but rebirth only matters if we live
each time we are born again.”

“Those who use their eyes to look through windows see that which they see, those who look with their non-eyes see that which is behind closed doors and hidden in forests.”

“An exam measures lessons remembered, life measures lessons learned.”

“We need not break the circle to welcome others in, we need only widen the circle.”

“The past is nothing more than a talking point occasionally worth talking about.”

“It is not possible for one person on a teeter-totter to achieve true balance.”

“Life begins with our first breath, the journey begins with out first step, the adventure begins with our first temptation.”

“Counting the thorns on a rose is like counting the wrinkles on a woman—it confirms you can count but proves you are missing what counts most.”

“It is not up to the square peg to change so she can fit into the round hole, it is up to the round hole to make room for the square peg.”

“We do not die, we become a memory.”

“Each bend in the river is a talking point in life.”

“The mind wanders only if the mind wonders.”

“Even when we are at a stand-still, we never stand still.”

“If we see only as far as the eye can see, we have not looked past our own nose.”

“Even an echo is original when it arrives at ears for the first time.”

“Do not wonder what they shall say when you are gone, put the words in their hearts while you are here.”

“Put a blindfold on a blind man and he still has vision, he still has focus, he still sees all that he sees; put a blindfold on a sighted man and he might see how blind he has been.”

“Intelligence can be measured, wisdom cannot.”

“Do not measure one’s faith as you would a measure of salt.”

“Believe in what you have lived, not what you have been told to believe.”

“Time is not something we have, time is what we have left.”

“If we scrub our hands before we eat our rice, should we not scrub our soul before we face our death?”

“Laugh lines won’t tell us how long we have lived, but they will tell us how well we have lived.”

“Laugh lines are a better measure of lives lived than the bottom line on a bank statement.”

“The sky is not a ceiling, it is limitless space, which is the reason there is no limit to our reach.”

“Boredom is sometimes a useful emotion.”

“If you catch the wave, you have caught
the water.”

“The fog lifts, but the haunting of one’s biggest mistakes never leaves.”

“Water under the bridges we burn continues to flow.”

“Even those who rise above the fray are of the fray.”

“Dreamers do not break hearts, they show us how to follow the heart.”

“Those who reach into empty pockets have discovered the profits of life.”

“We all walk in shadows left behind, but each of us also casts a shadow of our own.”

“The first place we look when there is a storm within is at them, the first place we look when there is a storm within should be the last place we look.”

“Life is a full-course meal full of half-baked ideas.”

“There are times when letting go is the only way to get a grip on your life.”

“The reach of your arms is limited, the reach of your voice and deeds shall stretch through time.”

“Those who condemn you for being your true self are condemned to being their true self.”

“When they say you are not in their league, what they are really saying is that you are in a league of your own.”

“Hitting rock bottom is never a soft landing, but an act of kindness can break the fall.”

“Time does not exist, otherwise it would be a commodity bought and sold on the stock market, and the poor would die young and the wealthy would live until the next stock market crash.”

“Each of us is a package worth unwrapping.”

“What one sees as an impasse, another sees as a starting point.”

“Attention-seekers seldom find the attention they seek.”

“Life: Joy steps aside for sorrow, sorrow steps aside for joy. Repeat.”

“Being different is not a crime, but it can feel like a life sentence.”

“If you wish to know the value of a coin
ask those whose pockets were once full.”

“Strangers are not people we have never met, strangers are the people we thought we knew.”

“The easy thing to do is to tell someone what they wish to hear; the hard thing to do is to tell someone what they do not wish to hear.”

“The ego is a crowded empty room.”

“None of us gets the last word, but each of us can leave words that last.”

“Accept that not everything is doable, but believe that nothing is impossible.”

“A child’s growth is not measured by a pencil mark on the wall, it is measured by the number of toys that remain in the box.”

“Do not blame your idols for their great fall, for it was you who placed them on their pedestal.”

“The optimist sees the glass of water half full, the pessimist sees the glass of water half empty, the thirsty man is thankful for the water.”

“There is no rule in life that says what one finds humorous others must also; there is no rule in life that says what one finds sad others must also; but laughter is more rewarding when it is shared and tears are less painful when those of others also fall.”

“There is nothing so harsh as the loud echoes of yesterday, there is nothing
so soothing as the whispered echoes of yesterday; we decide if the echoes of yesterday cripple us or repair us.”

“Time is not a moment, it is a place and people.”

“It is when we need time alone that we realize we are never alone.”

“Do not resist the question, resist the answer.”

“When we look the other way, someone is looking our way.”

“The wealthy know what a penny can purchase, the poor know what the penny means.”

“If everything you see is all you need to see, you are not looking through the proper eyes.”

“Temptation does not expose our weaknesses, temptation exposes our strengths.”

“Be wary of those prophets who offer shelter from the storm, for they might be the storm itself.”

“Own nothing; nothing to lose.”

“Those who sing and dance in the rain do not reach for a towel.”

“The court jester wears a crown as heavy as the king’s.”

“Our hidden thoughts are our truest thoughts.”

“Every thought is actionable, but not every thought is a call to action.”

“If we look at life as a collection of what ifs, we cannot appreciate the basketful of I dids.”

“So many of us look south with our left eye while looking north with our right eye. So many of us reach back with our left hand while reaching forward with our right hand. So many of us listen to yesterday with our left ear while listening to tomorrow with our right ear. This is the reason so many of us fail to recognize where we are.”

“To leave nothing unfinished or unsaid is the only way to leave.”

“The challenge in life is to be up to the many challenges in life.”

“Our weaknesses do not have to become our shortcomings.”

“Thought is the root, action is the flower…or weed.”

“It is not the garden that identifies and rejects the weed, it is the gardener.”

“None of us lacks knowledge, yet each of us is lacking in knowledge; share what you know, learn what you need to know.”

“In the reflective moments after pain and sorrow, ask not what you have lost but what you have gained.”

“None among us was meant to be a beast of burden, but who are we without the load we carry?”

“The day is only anew if we are anew.”

“Those who believe in forever do not watch clocks.”

“Empty thoughts can fill a book and the book is still empty of thought.”

“Tell a tall tale about another and that lie
shall one day knock on your door.”

“Each of us is equipped with a measuring stick; such a shame if we use it only to measure others.”

“Blessed are those looking for a soft place to land, for they have already taken a hard fall.”

“The heart is not meant to follow the dictates of the mind, for the heart has a mind of its own.”

“A belief in angels is not a belief in heaven, it is a belief in those who pick us up when we stumble on earth.”

“I shall leave no stone unturned, but I cannot look under every rock.”

“Clocks are for keeping time, but the best of times is when we ignore clocks.”

“The truth of the song is in the lyrics, the honesty of the song is in the voice.”

“The artist’s brush cannot smile until a smile is in the artist’s heart.”

“Freedom does not exist if the fence keeping you out is the fence keeping me in.”

“We never find anything new by going over old ground, but we sometimes discover everything that has been missing.”

“The devil is not in the details—he usually leaves out the details, which is why we get in so much trouble.”

“It is folly to disagree with the stranger in the mirror staring back at you, for the stranger in the mirror tells no lies.”

“If we do not put up walls, there is nothing for others to knock down.”

“Even when we are at a stand-still we never
stand still, not even in death.”

“Every thought is actionable but not every thought is a call to action.”

“No one thinks of the egg as broken once it is in the frying pan.”

“The victory is not in overcoming fear, the victory is in facing fear.”

“Both the prince and the pauper can measure happily ever after, they just use a different gauge.”

“Why do something flashy to draw attention to yourself when being yourself
is enough to draw attention?”

“Where monsters lurk courage grows.”

“For many of us, the most natural feeling is to feel unnatural.”

“Blind is the man who looks in the mirror and sees only a reflection.”

“It is never rude to talk with your mouth full if your mouth is full of common sense.”

“Life is more difficult if we are where we are not.”

“Do not listen to me speak, listen to me listen.”

“One sees a closed door, another sees a passageway.”

“There is no distance between people, there is distance between ideology, dogma and belief.”

“We think of magic as a trick, but there is magic everywhere we look and in every breath we take.”

“Those who talk about their lives lived
should never stop talking.”

“Awakening in the morning is not a ritual,
it is a celebration.”

“The end game of life is not death; the end game of life is life.”

“There is no such thing as randomness,
there is only that which we do not see coming.”

“Angels cannot always take us by the hand,
sometimes it must be done by the scruff of the neck, but always with tenderness.”

“Believe everything you see and hear on TV at your own peril, believe everything
you see and hear in real life at your own peril.”

“Writing is the ultimate losing proposition; no matter how wonderful we think a work might be, we always know it could have been done better.”

“No one has ever outrun their ancestors.”

“There is no light in shadows; shadows are the light.”

“The person who first sang the blues lived more than once.”

“We cannot allow the scars of our youth to become scars of their youth.”

“Life is its own lost-and-found department: Each of us has been lost in sorrow, and each of us has found freedom in joy.”

“Life is like a jukebox—it never runs out of tunes for us to play, but we run out of coins.”

“There is never a need to look back, for scenes from the past only appear in front of us.”

“This is the nature of man: The moment he finds what he has been looking for, he begins looking for what he is missing.”

“Our thoughts are as the butterfly in the garden, flitting from one flower to the next, settling for fifteen seconds, then fluttering away in no defined direction.
Is she curious, impatient, adventurous, or making room for the next butterfly?
Our mind is that garden, and there is always ample room for many butterflies.”

“Do not limit yourself to just one dream.”

“To determine the fullness of a life, count your blessings then subtract your what ifs.”

“A rose is a rose forever, but it is not the same rose forever.”

“The individual exists, individual achievement does not.”

“Be thankful that thinking and saying is not doing.”

“There is no mystery in what we do, the mystery is why we do it.”

“It is more important to communicate than to speak.”

“No matter who and what we claim to be, what we say and do is who and what we are.”

“Life is the hard rain that falls on the tin roof; to some it is soothing, to others it is a cacophony of chaos.”

“Sing and dance as often as you can, for as long as you can.”

“Blessed are those who cast a shadow that grows upon their passing.”

“When we stop thinking big, all worlds shrink.”

“There is no harm in looking down the road if we recognize the road we are on.”

“When we lose our way we soon discover it is the way.”

“If there is room for everyone in this world, why is it so difficult for so many to make room for everyone?”

“If young people appear to be aimless, perhaps it is because they are given too many road maps to follow.”

“Each life provides ample opportunity for do-overs, and it is not always what we do that is most important; it is what we are willing to do over that is most important.”

“There is nothing so confining as a birth name that does not fit.”

“What is not heard can be more significant than what is said.”

“The best way to be remembered is to bring out the best in others.”

“To want for nothing is not a sign of wealth, it is a sign of inner growth.”

“Even if our glory days are behind us our glorious days need not be.”

“Birth is the cruelest moment in life because crawling back into the womb is not an option.”

“Life does not always deliver a better tomorrow, but only tomorrow can deliver a better life.”

“A second chance with strings attached is a last chance; a second chance without attachment is a gift that might keep giving.”

“Water the stranger within.”

“Tongues are overrated, ears are underrated.”

“All of life is a reflection of the reflections of life.”

“Everything we leave behind meets us somewhere down the road.”

“When you gaze upon the stars, forget where you are, forget where you have been.”

“Not every second chance is a last chance, but be wary of those who play you for the fool every chance they get.”

“He who has a glass of milk half empty and she who has a glass of milk half full is not thinking of the cow.”

“Each of us can say we have caused sorrow, each of us can say we have brought joy, and in the end so shall each of us be measured.”

“It is not the moon that disturbs the stillness of the night.”

“The good Sammaritan must also be available to herself.”

“Do not cut the stem to watch the rose die, cut the stem to watch the rose live.”

“It is sometimes more important to think after we have spoken than to think before we speak.”

“It is not only fools who rush in, but it is only a fool who refuses to take the graceful way out.”

“One need not be hit by a speeding bus to know it would cause great injury, but one must be hit by the speeding bus to talk of the experience. All others must lend ears.”

“The homeless man will not care if the shirt on your back is tailor made or purchased in a thrift store. It is tailor made for his comfort, so take it off your back and give it to him.”

“Betting on yourself is not a gamble.”

“It is not possible to observe life from a distance.”

“Old or young, none among us requires permission to dream big or small.”

“It is easier to measure a man’s shadow than to measure a man.”

“Even the weakest link has a role to play, and it is not always the first to break.”

“Once we have shared a thought we have no choice but to participate in life;
being a bystander is no longer an option.”

“No man can measure his own shadow, for it is only in death that it is measurable.”

“Vain is the man who measures the shadow he casts.”

“There are fewer sharks in the wading pool than in the ocean, but it is sometimes necessary for us to leave our comfort zone.”

“Life summed up in two words: if … is.”

“The only joy in anger is letting go of anger.”

“Even an old eyesore can be a sight for sore eyes if seen through the heart.”

“It is easy to cross over when the river is still, but where is the fun and adventure in that?”

“Heaven is on Earth, Hell is on Earth, and that puts us on a teeter-totter.”

“Thoughts are free but they sometimes come at a cost.”

“Only fools, frauds and phonies speak of that which they have not lived.”

“Awareness is knowing most of what we see and hear today we will never see or hear again.”

“The hungry man and the thirsty man seek the same thing, but they shall not find it in food and drink.”

“Life is not a dress rehearsal, but for many it must become a masquerade.”

“Each of our moments slips away, each of our moments lasts a lifetime.”

“Remove a stone from a wall and it is still a stone, but is the wall still a wall?”

“If dreams had to make sense, our ride share home would still be via horse and buggy.”

“Every dream is as a new-born colt sent to pasture for the first time, and every dreamer should feel just as unbridled.”

“Those who gauge which way the wind is blowing before they act will never know the strength it takes to stand against the storm.”

“Only fools, frauds and phonies speak to that which they have not lived, the wise among us lend an ear to, and ask questions of, only those who have lived it.”

“To challenge life is to treasure life.”

“The curious look back to learn, not to discover.”

“The only way out of the forest is to walk into the forest.”

“Kindness is life’s best pre-emptive measure and its best salve.”

“We are not born to a purpose, we are born to discover our purpose.”

“A box of colored crayons cannot help the mind that sees all things in black and white.”

“We spend a lifetime in pursuit of happy endings, not realizing each of our happy endings is the beginning of a fresh pursuit.”

“When the flame goes out, the admiration for any woman or man will be in equal measure to the honesty of their words and deeds.”

“No life story is a work of fiction except in the telling of it.”

“A stubborn man refuses to budge an inch, a man willing to swallow his pride
knows how far budging an inch can take him.”

“If the world is our oyster, here’s hoping we all like seafood.”

“The need to always be first need not be a need.”

“Each of our regrets has a face and a name.”

“Everything is always behind us and nothing is ever behind us.”

“There are more forks in the road of the righteous than on the road to ruin.”

“The measure of a man is not complete without peeking into his shadows.”

“It is not too late to repair the rift until we have forgotten what we forgot to say.”

“Going off script is not the only way to get noticed, but it might be the surest way.”

“If we reach for the brass ring with both hands, we have no way to break our fall.”

“Recognize your circle of friends for what it is—a bouquet of roses.”

“Surround yourself with roses and take comfort in knowing they too shall one day wilt.”

“When the flame goes out, the admiration for any woman or man will be in equal measure to the honesty of their words and deeds.”

“Life is a wonder: We wonder what to do with it; we wonder where it’s gone; we wonder what to do with what’s left of it.”

“Looking back is a sword with two edges. There is nothing to be learned in looking back, there is everything to be gained in looking back.”

“The danger in looking back is finding what we are looking for and finding what we are not looking for, which might be the same thing.”

“Smile and laugh, especially when no one else is there to see and hear it.”

“It is sometimes necessary to remind the rooster when it is time to crow.”

“The four stages of being:
1) We recognize we are here.
2) We search for the reason we are here.
3) We discover the reason to justify being here.
4) We wonder why we are still here.”

“The future is every song you have yet to hear.”

“Life is a journey of many pursuits, and the primary pursuit in life is life.”

“We cannot unburn a bridge, but we can rebuild it.”

“There is regret in failing to see what is directly in front of us, there is shame in refusing to see what we see directly in front of us.”

“Look in all directions before entering the temple.”

“When an olive branch is offered only a fool demands the entire tree.”

“Every belief system is black and white whether we believe it or not.”

“Those who wish to maintain status quo are eating their soup with chop sticks.”

“Going off-script is not the only way to get noticed, but it might be the surest way.”

“Beware those who run with the wolves; pity those too blind to see that they run with the wolves.”

“Each life is a page-turner and nothing haunts us more than the thought of what was on the page after the unturned page.”

“There is regret in failing to see what is directly in front of us, there is shame in refusing to see what we see directly in front of us.”

“Talking about the future does not make it real, but it does give us something to talk about in the future.”

“Those who seek to know what they do not know, grow; those satisfied with what they do not know are forever saplings.”

“Every old dog can learn a new trick, but the wise dog knows when the time has come to let the young pups fetch the frisbee.”

“Age can dull a sharp mind and slow a quick wit, but it can also sharpen a young mind and bring the slow up to speed.”

“Speak mindfully, for words not meant for children’s ears shall be the same words that reach the ears of children and the ears of the children’s children.”

“The man who believes an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, an ear for an ear, an arm for an arm, and a leg for a leg will make him whole again can never be more than half the man he used to be.”

“Not even an amusement park mirror can show us all sides of someone.”

“When reaching for the brass ring we must ask ourselves if it is ambition, greed or vanity that steers us.”

“Anyone who stands for something stands against something and recognizes there is risk of a fall.”

“It would be easier for all of us to take life as it comes if we knew what comes next. But we all know life is not like a playlist that tells us what comes next. So observe those among us who do take life as it comes and take note: They ride out any storm with an abundance of calm, for they assume the rainbow is what comes next.”

“Laugh until it hurts, and when it hurts no longer find something else to laugh about until it hurts.”

“Celebrate choices that work, remember choices that went wrong.”

“It is not enough for us to have a mind of our own; we must know how to use it.”

“Beware those who bring a bag of rice to a wedding and tell you it is to feed the other guests.”

“Who complains when the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis?”

“Press the send button only with an unflinching finger and a heart empty of spite.”

“To want for nothing is not a sign of wealth, it is a sign of inner growth.”


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