about moi

I have heard the angels whisper.

But they have not come to collect me yet, so I shall continue to scribble about my thoughts and dreams and schemes.

I know who I will be for the rest of my life, but I am undecided on what I would like to be. Mostly, I would like to be someone who laughs, and I believe that to be a suitable message to leave behind once the angels stop whispering and come to fetch me:

patti dawn swansson
Born: Nov. 27, 1950
Afterlife: date to be determined
“She laughed. A lot.”

newest pic

2 thoughts on “about moi”

  1. You intelligence and insight still shines through I your most excellent prose — and you’re all the more important now that you have experienced, and face challenges in life about which many of us need to know and grow to understand — to advance the quality of life of all individuals and the community as a whole. Give ‘er! … GP


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