Dear Miss, Vol. II

“Do not merely stop to smell the roses, dear ones; stop also so that the roses may smell you.”

And they gathered to hear Dear Miss speak of many things…

“If no one ever sits in a chair, is it not still a chair? If no one is there to hear your laughter, is there not still laughter? If no one accepts you as you, are you not still you? Be you.”

“There resides both a saint and a sinner in your soul. It is up to you to choose which of the two you will present to the world.”

“Laugh because the people of all our lifetimes embrace laughter and respond favorably to laughter. Laughter is contagious, so laugh, laugh, laugh with mighty joy. And others shall be infected with your mighty joy.”

“Do not merely stop to smell the roses, dear ones; stop also so that the roses may smell you.”

“Rejoice in who you are, dear ones, for there is no joy in who society says you should or must be.”

“Do not tax your mind with weighty thoughts of what might have been or what could be, dear ones. Ease your mind with what is.”

“Become a better person than your former self and the entire community shall benefit.”

“The truth that hurts is not to be found in the harsh words spoken by another; the truth that hurts is to be found in the mirror.”

“If there is a song in your heart, turn up the volume so that all others may listen.”

“Do not compare your misfortune to that of another, for the snowflake can weigh as much as the anvil.”

“If you take the shape of the rose, the rose shall take the shape of you, dear ones.”

“The sole constant in life is change. The only thing that does not change is change itself. That is the great paradox of life.”

“The loudest voice I have heard was as a feather falling on a ball of cotton.”

“Only he who has bathed in my dirty bath water can truly know me.”

“If your eyes have gazed upon an ugly rainbow, if your ears have heard the robin of spring sing out of tune, do not pass a mirror without stopping for a look.”

—Excerpt from Candlelight and a Quill Pen, by patti dawn swansson
First published as Lotus Life in 2007 by Rooftop Riting
copyright, patti dawn swansson

Candlelight & a quill pen cover

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